Chiropractic treatment has proven effective for many conditions including back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain, wrist and hand pain, leg pain as well as:

  • Aching or sore muscles
  • Stiff or painful movement in joints
  • Poor range of motion in your neck, hips, or back
  • Chronic pain from traumatic events such as a fall or car accident
  • Stress carried in your shoulder and neck
  • Restless leg syndrome

It is a common misconception that an adjustment “puts back” or “straightens” the spine. All joints of the body have a normal range of motion within which they function comfortably. There are times when this motion is restricted, and in some cases halted completely. The causes of these malfunctions vary a great deal, and often there is no clearly identified incident. Due to this restriction of motion, irregular stresses are put on the joint, which over time results in an inflammatory condition. This is followed by pain, especially on movement. The body does not like pain, and the muscles in the area then tend to “guard” or tighten to prevent movement. These muscles, due to the fact that they are always at some level of contraction even though they are not consciously being used, fatigue more easily making them prone to injury. Additionally, in an effort to avoid/limit pain, the body will compensate functionally potentially giving rise to additional problems. 

Chiropractors, through consultation and exam, will locate these areas of biomechanical malfunction and using various techniques will work to restore normal function thereby eliminating the source of the pain. The time factor of this treatment varies depending on the patient, duration, causation, and severity of the condition, as well as other factors.  Dr. Conrad makes every effort to attain a pain-free result as quickly as possible so you can return to the activities that you enjoy doing. 

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