Dr. Conrad is an extremely experienced professional. I had gone to another chiropractor and knew I did not want to go back after our first visit. I felt very fortunate to have found Dr. Conrad online. I was surprised not only by his expertise but his warm & caring personality. Exceptional chiropractors are hard to find. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help.
~C.D., Yelp Review

I have never been to a chiropractor before, but I was having lower back pain for three days I walked into west gate and was greeted by Dr. Conrad I told him what was going on with my lower back pain and he walked me thru about what he was gonna do. He talked me thru the process and was very thorough with everything took his time with me and was very friendly at the end of the session I felt a whole lot better I told him about a crank in my neck he just said well look into that as well and he got it cleared up for me I was very pleased with Dr Conrad I will be back agin for sure I highly recommend him.
~Luis A., Yelp Review

I absolutely loved the way Dr. Conrad and his team took care of me. This was my first ever visit to a chiropractor, and it felt absolutely amazing. Dr. Conrad had me go get my stiff-as-heck back and shoulder relaxed first with a TENS massager, then took me in for adjustments. After some major pops here and there, I left the building like newborn. I used to have some really bad upper back pain and constant muscle knots that would just not let go. After the adjustment, it literally just took a few minutes to feel like that back pain never existed. All the tender spots I felt prior to the visit weren’t tender anymore, and I could press on my skin full force without feeling a thing. I had no idea my pelvis was out of place, too! After that amazing crack and pop fest, I’m finally a normally-functioning human being. I’m sure I might need a few more sessions to see if everything is working properly, but man- bravo for Dr. Conrad!
~Aleksandra F., Yelp Review

As a professional in the health field I am very particular about my care and have been to many other chiropractors over the years. Dr. Conrad is my top rated choice. He is very warm and friendly yet very experienced. He has helped me for several years and I couldn’t be more pleased with my care, now just maintenance. I have also referred clients and friends and they are all very satisfied. He is also reasonable and affordable.
~Catherine W., Yelp Review

I have been seeing Dr. Conrad for almost 10 years. Recommend him and his staff to everyone I know! Truly cares about your health and well being, knows his craft, and family oriented.
~Ashley H., Facebook Review

I love this place. First Dr. That really helped me. Staff is so nice. Totally recommend this Dr. 🙂
~Shannon B.R., Facebook Review

I have been seeing Dr. Conrad for years, he is amazing. He listens to you, cares about you, jokes with you, and does his best to remember you and make you feel welcomed. He also help treat my husband from a real bad car accident. He is wonderful!
~Emma G., Facebook Review

He is so confidant and capable of fixing my back problems. I recently hurt my back and literally could not walk into the office! His wonderful staff helped me in and Dr Conrad got me back in shape. Highly recommend this office!
~David C., Facebook Review

Dr. Conrad and his entire staff were great to deal with! Hopefully I’ll never get hurt again, but if I do, I know where to go!
~Bob G., Facebook Review

Great Staff and Dr, Conrad is great, I recommend this office to all my Family and Friends.
~Eunice G., Facebook Review

Dr. Conrad and Alicia are the best! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
~Aurelia V., Facebook Review

Was treated by Dr. Conrad recently for my car accident. The best !!!! Excellent caring staff. Best service. Highly recommend.
 ~Vikki L., Facebook Review

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